About Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence takes many forms. These include:

  • Verbal Abuse: This includes name-calling, excessive yelling and threats.
  • Restricting Freedom or Using Isolation: Controlling what another person does or who they see.
  • Physical Abuse: Including shaking, punching, restraining, slapping and choking.
  • Sexual Abuse: Imposing sexual contact on another.
  • Intimidation: Using looks, actions, smashing things, destroying property or “standing over”.
  • Emotional Abuse: Putting people down, humiliating them or refusing to acknowledge them or their feelings.
  • Using Male Privilege: Including treating your partner like a servant, being “the boss”, making all the decisions.

The presence of any one of these behaviours may indicate that you are in an abusive or violent relationship. This is especially so if you feel fear of your partner in any situation or are afraid of what he/she may do.