Children's and Teenager's Programmes
Our Children and Teenager’s programmes help children or teenagers who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence. Often children who are in this situation feel very isolated and alone. Children may blame themselves for this violence. Being part of a group with other children helps children realise they are not alone and that other children have had similar experiences. Our Children and Teenager’s Support and Education programmes help children to:

  • Recognise violent behaviour and how respond to this behaviour (to keep themselves safe)
  • Understand the effects of abuse and violence
  • Understand that they are not to blame for what adults have done
  • Deal with their own anger (if this is an issue for them)
  • Understand and name feelings
  • Take responsibility for their own actions

If a child or teenager has witnessed or experienced domestic violence then our Children’s and Teenager’s Support and Education programme will be able to help them.

The following is a selection of feedback from caregivers of participants (and participants) who have recently completed our Children and Teenager’s Support and Education Programmes:

Caregiver feedback:

“This programme helped by giving my child tools and strategies to know how to deal with anger in a more positive way and to understand that violence is not the only way to get what you would like.”

“Thank you so much for helping my son. He has been given good information about keeping himself safe and that violence is not OK.”

“With your support my daughter could start to enjoy her life. The facilitators always respect her thoughts and ideas. Her face is brighter than before.

Children’s feedback:

“I learnt how to have self respect and that I have lots of people I can talk to if I have a problem. I would highly recommend this programme.”

“I learnt that I am normal and lots of people have gone through similar situations. I thought the programme was just fantastic .”

“The programme helped me realise that I am normal and lots of people go through similar situations.”

“I learnt how to communicate in a more assertive way and to believe in myself.”

“I had a very happy time. It was awesome.”