Men's Programmes
Our Men’s Living Without Violence/Anger Management programmes seek to help men for whom anger, abuse or violence is an issue in their lives. This issue may be evident in a number of ways, including:

  • Your partner or children may be scared of you when you are in a bad mood
  • You may shout, swear or say things to your partner or children that you don’t mean
  • You may try to control your partner’s movements or who she sees
  • You may go for several hours without talking to your partner when you are angry
  • Your children are beginning to copy you when you are angry.

If any of these behaviours apply to you, or if you (or others) feel that you have an issue with anger, abuse or violence, then our Men’s Living Without Violence/Anger Management programme will be able to help you.

Course Feedback

“This course helped me to understand that my actions were violent and that I needed help. It has helped me rebuild my marriage and changed how my kids react to me. They know now that the angry man I once was is no longer there.”

“This programme is excellent. At first I thought I didn’t need it but at the end of the course it seemed that it had become part of my life. My group is my third person where I can express my emotions and beliefs.”

“This is an excellent course. I should have learned this as part of growing up.”

“I would recommend the course to any male-the sooner they learn the skills/have the tools to enable them to live in this modern world the better.”

“This is one of the most important factors in my life. I have learned to become a better father and husband, and also put my theoretical knowledge into practice.”

“This course has given me insight about my negative behaviour and showed me how to manage it without inflicting emotional and physical harm to those people around me.”