Women's Programmes
Our Women’s programmes assist:

  • Women who are in (and have been in) an abusive or violent relationship
  • Women who are struggling with issues of anger or violence themselves.

We often meet with women who are in both categories above. In these cases we may combine both programmes or suggest that the woman completes one programme prior to beginning the other.

We offer a combination of group and individual counselling for all women. We will help assess the best course of action with the woman herself at an initial interview, which is always free of charge.

If you have experienced domestic violence in any of its form, of if you are struggling with your anger, then our women’s programmes are for you!

Strengthening Women Programme Feedback

“Coming to the Strengthening Women’s Programme gave me a sense of belonging that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Very empowering. Feel like it gave me an awareness of my generational patterning.”

“I am extremely grateful to the staff of “NHLWV” . From the moment I took courage to call until my last counselling session. I’ve been held, respected, cared for, not judged, understood, seen, heard. That has been paramount for me to feel good about myself/life again, to “remember” who I truly am. Huge Thank You.”

“I have gained knowledge of the whole complex dynamics of domestic violence which includes, physical/sexual/emotional and psychological abuse. I also have tools to use when my son’s decide to have a relationship. Help them understand how to counteract the behaviour they learned from their father.”

“Amazing course, the support and friendship I have found has been a refuge for me. The women that run the course have been so sensitive and supportive and joyful. It has helped me to grow and overcome a lot of obstacles.”

“TI learned I am not alone. Every time I came to group I sat in a room full of women exactly like me! I could be open and vulnerable with others who understood perfectly because they had had the same experiences. The course taught me about rights and boundaries – I never had these before. NHLWV strengthened me and gave me my life back. Best thing I’ve ever done in my life besides have my children.”

Respect Programme Feedback

“I have found this course amazing! The facilitators have really “made” this course and have made it easy for everyone to share their experiences and understand we are not alone in our lives. Their knowledge and understanding has been wonderful in helping me deal with my issues at home with my son in particular.”

“I have learned what I have been doing to upset, scare and make my children feel insecure. I have learned how to communicate so they do not feel this way any longer.”

“I always felt safe and comfortable to openly talk about things and supported by responses and recommendations.”