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Suitable for employers, employees, managers, human resources employees and health and safety practitioners.


Level 1: Family Violence Foundations

The level 1 education will provide the key foundations in identifying, responding and accessing support for those impacted by family violence . In a way that is safe, respectful and that minimises further harm.

Outcomes: Aware, Acknowledge and Action

Better understand the complications and nuances of family violence which inform how to identify, respond and refer those impacted by Family Violence.

Awareness comes from expanding understanding of family violence, including abuse tactics and strategies such as coercive control and how these may present and effect those experiencing family violence.

Acknowledgment requires that we respond in a way that is safe and dignified, this extends into a high-level understating of key risk consideration and safety planning

Action is about knowing what the referral pathways are and support options

Who would benefit from this professional development:

The level 1, Family Violence Foundational education is for a range of workers, including for example, health workers, social workers, interpreters, community workers and volunteers, youth workers, care assistants. It is also appropriate for professionals without FV skills such as physiotherapists, dentists, and other medical practitioners.
Also suitable for EAP providers and other workplaces.


Level 2: Family Violence Applied Foundations

Professional Development offering a ‘practice based’ understanding of family violence for those working directly or indirectly in the area of Family Violence.

This Professional Development will cover the application of the Family Violence Foundational knowledge, and will build on this to provide practice guidance for:

  • Safe & respectful engagement
  • Identification of risk
  • Levels of risk assessment and subsequent support required
  • Secondary consultation and referral
  • Information sharing
  • Multiagency and coordinated practice

Full Day

Professional Development at this level is for specialists in family violence, for example, staff working in family violence service, refuges, sexual assault counsellors, family violence professional staff such as social workers, psychologists or counsellors.

Responding to Family Violence in the workplace

Recognise the signs of family violence, know what to do next.

The Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Act 2018 came into effect on 1 April 2019 requiring workplaces to ensure that those impacted by family violence have certain entitlements. Build your knowledge to prevent, identify and respond to family violence in the workplace.

Suitable for employers, employees, managers, human resources employees and health and safety practitioners.


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We deliver training courses to further knowledge in preventing and responding to those impacted by family violence in Aotearoa.

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