Relate Group

A Programme for Women

Are you having issues with stress or anger in your life?

You deserve to positively relate to yourself and others


Abuse has many forms


Excessive yelling, name-calling, controlling what someone does, put-downs, shouting, threatening.


Shaking, slapping, hitting, kicking, forcibly restraining, punching and scratching. This can be towards a partner or children.

Emotional Abuse:

Putting someone down, humiliating someone, name-calling, using manipulation to get your way, playing mind games, eroding someone’s self-esteem.

Using Privilege:

Putting yourself first, not letting others have their opinion, dominating someone.


Imposing sexual contact on others or your children or using humiliating sexual language

Who will benefit from a Relate Programme?

All women can benefit from a Relate Programme.

The Relate Programme teaches women positive ways to relate to themselves and others. It also helps women to understand any barriers to communicating respectfully with their partners, children, family members or others in their lives.

One focus of the Programme is on the issue of anger. To understand what anger is and how to respond to it appropriately. It also teaches women a range of skills, including learning how to deal with stress effectively, how to manage strong feelings and how to communicate with others in powerful, clear and respectful ways.

The Programme

Some topics covered

  • Understanding our anger and emotions.
  • Management of anger and stress
  • Intentions of disrespect, abuse and violence
  • Understanding power and control
  • Identifying and setting boundaries
  • The cycle of change
  • The intergenerational cycle of abuse and violence
  • What is respect?
  • Personal responsibility/accountability
  • Making choices that enhance life
  • Self-Care and life-balance


Tuesday 6pm-8pm via zoom

Thursday 9:30am – 11:30am face to face

What else do I need to know?

All clients attend an initial interview before coming into our programmes. At this interview we discuss how we may best meet your needs and address any other issues you may have.

We also run a Strengthening Women programme for women who have been in a relationship where there is disrespect, anger, abuse or violence. This programme provides women with the skills to understand what abuse is and how to live free of it. It also offers women self-development opportunities in a supportive group environment.

If you would like information about this group please contact us on 489 3770 or talk with us at your initial interview.

Some feedback from course participants

The Relate Programme made me a lot stronger. It helped me understand anger and to realise that if I truly believed in what I thought, I could do it. It helped me realise how I wanted to live and how I wanted my children to live.

I always felt safe and comfortable to openly talk about things and supported by responses and recommendations.

I have found this course amazing! The facilitators have really “made” this course and have made it easy for everyone to share their experiences and understand we are not alone in our lives. Their knowledge and understanding has been wonderful in helping me deal with my issues at home with my son in particular.

I have learned what I have been doing to upset, scare and make my children feel insecure. I have learned how to communicate so they do not feel this way any longer.